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Abyss Master (English)

Do you know the “Abyss Master” mode?

It’s a special mode, quite unique to the game, where a player is not a part of the submarine crew, but controls the environment, like a Dungeon Master in a tabletop role-playing game.

Abyss Master player can move the view in the map without constraint, as seen here:

Abyss Master can also add – or remove – objects (mines, crystals, obstacles, …), pacific and hostile creatures (whales, sharks, submarines, …), and even boss. To avoid taking the submarine crew by surprise, you can’t add new objects to close to the submarine – it would not be very fun to add a mine in front of the submarine at the last moment.

Moreover, Abyss Master can control any movable objects (well, controlling a static rock doesn’t seem very attractive…), and use it to move, to ambush, to attack, to flee and even to send torpedoes for submarines!

Abyss Master has by default no limitation – you do what you want, like in tabletop RPG. But we also included a Versus mode, where each object/enemy costs some points, that Abyss Master gains over time. Games then change to a confrontation between submarine crew and the Abyss Master, for a fully asymmetrical game!

We are considering new options to give to the Abyss Master – more objects and enemies to create, ability to break a submarine module, add new map tiles, etc. We want your opinion – what do you think would be interesting? Tell us on Discord!

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