* Friend Pass is free and allows to join a game created with the full version bought on Steam

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  • Abyss Master (Français)
    Connaissez-vous le mode « Abyss Master » ? Il s’agit d’un mode spécial, tout à fait unique au jeu, dans lequel le joueur ne fait pas partie de l’équipage du sous-marin, mais contrôle l’environnement, comme un Dungeon Master dans un jeu de rôle sur table. Le joueur Abyss Master peut déplacer la vue dans la… Read more: Abyss Master (Français)
  • Abyss Master (English)
    Do you know the “Abyss Master” mode? It’s a special mode, quite unique to the game, where a player is not a part of the submarine crew, but controls the environment, like a Dungeon Master in a tabletop role-playing game. Abyss Master player can move the view in the map without constraint, as seen here:… Read more: Abyss Master (English)
  • Abyss Crew v2 – Français
    Bonjour ! Voici un petit aperçu des grandes nouveautés de la nouvelle version d’Abyss Crew (version 2.xx). Elle sera disponible à la fin du mois sur Steam. * J’ai remis à plat toutes les fonctions de chaque poste, pour que chacun soit intéressant à jouer et ait quelque chose à faire en permanence. Si la… Read more: Abyss Crew v2 – Français
  • Abyss Crew v2 – English
    Hi ! Here is a small overview of the major new features of the new version of Abyss Crew (version 2.xx). It will be available at the end of the month on Steam. * I have overhauled all the functions of each position, so that everyone is interesting to play and has something to do… Read more: Abyss Crew v2 – English


Can I play the game solo?

Yes, you can start a solo game with the Full Version, and take your time to familiarize yourself with the game. But you’ll enjoy it more by playing with other sailors!
Friend Pass cannot however start a solo game.

Can I invite my friends to play with me for free?

Yes! When you buy the full version, you can host a game; your friends can download the Friend Pass and join your game.
When you host the game, it’s you who can set up all parameters : map, submarine type, difficulty, etc

What if we are 2 or 3 players only?

A full crew is made of 4 sailors. You can nevertheless play with less players by letting AI manage Engineer, Sonar and/or Gunner stations. Only Pilot station cannot be controled by AI.
If you are 5 players, one player can become Abyss Master!

What is the Abyss Master?

Abyss Master is an optional role, and quite unique to the game. It allows one player to control the environment: add or remove enemies and objects, such as mines, oxygen bottles, pirate ships, whales, boss etc. He can control them (movement, attack, etc).
He is a sort of Dungeon Master of role playing games!
Note that only host can become Abyss Master.

What are the monthly expeditions?

Two times a month, we organize public plays. If you are alone or an incomplete crew, you are welcome to come and have fun with other sailors! Besides, the game is managed by an experienced Abyss Master who will make the game truly enjoyable.
To be informed of the next public play, subscribe to our newsletter or come to our Discord.

I am a streamer. Can I make videos of the game?

Yes! You are free to stream the game, make any video or use assets. Don’t hesitate to announce your stream on our Discord, so that people can watch it!


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