Abyss Crew v2 – English

Hi !

Here is a small overview of the major new features of the new version of Abyss Crew (version 2.xx). It will be available at the end of the month on Steam.

* I have overhauled all the functions of each position, so that everyone is interesting to play and has something to do all the time. If the basis remains the same (the Pilot drives the submarine, the Sonar detects the surroundings, the Gunner interacts with the environment, and the Engineer ensures that the submarine works well), the mechanics have evolved a lot .

* All station interfaces (Pilot, Sonar, Gunner, Engineer, Bridge, Lobby, …) have been redone, with a consistent artistic direction. All the buttons now have the same appearance, it’s easier to see what is interactive, information or simply decoration. You can see your sub come to life before your eyes, with a little ventilation, text crackling, the main screen blurring when there is damage, etc. (and thanks to Alexis Caroff, graphic designer, for creating most of the new drawings!)

* The 1st level now consists of a small preliminary map, where there is no oxygen limit or enemy, and allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the controls of the submarine and modules, and to immerse yourself in history. Then, each map is made up of three levels of depth, and ends with a boss : “Moby Squid”, “Apocalypse Jaw”, “Jurassic Shark”, … The objective is to find upgrades quickly before going to face the boss – but the oxygen reserves are limited and require you not to hang around…

* You can now choose between 4 different submarines. Each has a unique appearance, and starts with different upgrades (more oxygen, reinforced hull, etc.), which give a different play style each time. The 4 submarines will not all be available from the first game, some are unlockable during the game, when you collect enough crystals in the levels.

*I have included an introductory video when starting the game, which introduces you to the game world (thanks to David Bérubé and Bastien Blavet for their work!)

* I have started translating the game into French. This is a first step, translating to other languages ​​will be easier once the translation system is in place. If you are ready to lend a hand (Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, etc.), I am interested!

* I have set up a “Friend Pass”, which allows you to invite your friends to play with you for free, for a local or online game. This “Friend Pass” is permanently available on Steam and on the website, and allows you to join a game created with the full version of the game.

* Also, we will organize “monthly expeditions” several times a month (in French and English), in which you can participate. These are public games that you can join (subject to availability), and where I will play the role of the Abyss Master, to create new scenarios each time! If you’re hesitant about getting the game because you can’t find people to play with, this is the perfect opportunity. The first expedition will be this Sunday, January 28 in the early afternoon (EST)/early evening (CET), and it will be streamed on Twitch! (link to come)

Well, there are still things, but this post is already very long! Above all, please note that I am in the process of refining the new version, in particular to make the game more accessible for new players. If you want to preview the new version and help me finalize this, join our Discord and ask to be included in the “Playtest Crew”!

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